All you need to know about the change in Dubai parking charges


Parking charges are set to be hiked up across Dubai, mainly focusing on the central business districts of Bur Dubai and Deira.

Prices will be changed to; 2 AED for 30 minutes, 4 AED for 1 hour, 8 AED for 2 hours, 12 AED for 3 hours and 16 AED for 4 hours. This change will effectively double the cost of parking in these areas.

The prices slightly differ for parking lots; 3 AED for 1 hour, 6 AED for 2 hours and for 24 hours you will be paying 20 AED.

The charges will be in place from 8am to 10pm which gets rid of the free parking hours often provided during the day. Expect to be paying the new fees from late May to early June.

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