These Are The New Emirates Cabins And They Look Awesome


Emirates has just unveiled a re-designed interior for its Boeing 777 aircraft and the upgrades are seriously cool.

The planes have had a total makeover through First Class, Business and Economy with new walkways, washrooms and a new in-flight entertainment system. Emirates says its new designs have been inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class’s cabin.

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Emirates revealed the new design at Dubai Air Show, but the star of the show was the first-class suites. Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates, said, “We are very excited about our new fully-enclosed suite, which is a real game-changer in terms of privacy, comfort and thoughtful luxury.”


First-class suites have become a staple for many first-class travellers and now with Emirates you can travel with a 40-square-foot private suite with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors – that’s more than enough space to comfortably change your outfit, even with the seat laid flat.

But due to the increased size of the suites that means there will be fewer seats. There will now only be six seats available on the 777, rather than the eight that were available before.


Another cool feature is virtual windows. When flying, everyone wants to have a window seat, but if you’re given an aisle seat then that’s not possible, until now. Emirates is introducing the industry’s first virtual windows for suites located in the middle. Using real-time camera technology, they will project the view live, so you won’t miss out on any amazing sights (especially with the binoculars that are provided).

Emirates complimentary Chauffer-drive service will also be upgraded, now using Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars.

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There’s an obvious influence of sports cars in the design of the new business class as well. Seats come with diamond-stitched, quilted leather, as well as wood-varnished panels – just like your Bentley does.

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Otherwise, business class has stayed relatively the same, still offering touchscreen controls for the seat and in-flight entertainment, several personal lighting options and a seat that moves to a flatbed position and a 23-inch HD LCD TV screen.

And for us mere mortals, economy class has also had an upgrade, with new colours and the new entertainment system offering improved and superior image quality.


The latest Emirates 777 aircraft will enter commercial service on December 1, making its debut on flights to Geneva and Brussels.

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