New Nokia phones available to du prepaid customers in UAE

Nokia du Dubai

Nokia phones are finally back, so if you’re a nostalgic fan then du now has an offer for you.

If you’re a prepaid customer with the Dubai-based operator then you now have the option to choose the Nokia Value Back offer – the clue is in the name.

When you buy a new Nokia 3 or Nokia 5 as a du customer then you will end up earning up to 90% of the phone’s value back as prepaid credit. Depending on how much the smartphone is then all you simply need to do is recharge your phone with credit every month and before you know it you end up paying off nearly all the overall price of your Nokia.

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To claim the offer all you need to do is top up your phone with AED 50 of credit with either ‘more data’ or ‘more time’. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive an extra AED 25 credit for up to 18 months. Over that period of time you will have gained back 90% of your phone’s value.

du has said that this offer is exclusive for Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 smartphones at the moment but will soon be available on other selected handsets. And if you’re a new or existing prepaid customer on pay-as-you-go then the offer is readily available to you.

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The Nokia 3 starts at AED 499, but with the value back offer then you could end up earning back AED 450. And if you chose to go for the Nokia 5 then the retail price is AED 649 but again you’ll be earning back AED 450 over the course of 18 months, meaning the cost of the phone after the value back will only be AED 199.

Nokia has gained a reputation to be a reliable brand of phones, so if you’re looking to buy yourself a new device, then this deal is definitely worth a look.

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