You could now be fined AED 500 per month for not having health insurance


The number of people in Dubai that have health insurance has increased to 4.7m, from 1.8m in 2013. For the most part, this is down to the introduction of mandatory health insurance.

To date, around 99% of Dubai residents are covered with health insurance. This is compared with less than half in 2013. To combat the small number of people that do not have health insurance, the emirate is working to block visa renewals for those who are uninsured. A major driver of this change is to prevent residents from being faced with medical bills they cannot afford.

Sponsors, whether to an employee or family member, are required to provide at least a basic policy (EBP). Prices for EBP policies range from AED 550 to AED 750 per year. As per the Emirates law, the minimum policy limited for a Dubai visa holder is AED 150,000.

The minimum allowable annual policy limit for a Dubai visa holder under the EBP is AED 150,000. There are programs attainable with coverage up to AED 5m Those who fail to ensure employees or dependents will be fined AED 500 per person, per month, of nonobservance. Dubai Health Insurance Corporation, which is beneath the Dubai Health Authority, is assigned to license and regulate medical insurers.


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