Petrol prices jump up 10 percent in May

UAE fuel price

The ministry of energy announced on Thursday the changes in fuel prices for the month of May…and they’re going up again.

Here’s what the new prices look like:

  • Super 98 increased from AED 1.62 to AED 1.78
  • Special 95 increased from AED 1.51 to AED 1.67
  • E Plus 91 increased from AED 1.44 to AED 1.60
  • Diesel increased from AED 1.56 to AED 1.60

The Ministry of Energy adopted a new pricing policy last July, linking UAE fuel prices with global prices. The months following the announcement saw prices falling dramatically. However, they finally increased in April and are now up again in May.

Oil prices have finally begun to recover since the low $30 per barrel in January. They’re now available at $46 per barrel.

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