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Petrol will be a little cheaper in the UAE in November


The drop in November’s petrol price follows a small month on month rise in October of 0.7%.

The cost of a litre of petrol in the UAE will be a little lower in November than in October.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry announced that Super 98 will cost AED 2.57 (down from AED 2.61 in October) and Special 95 will be AED 2.46 (down from AED 2.50 in October).

Diesel, however, continues its rise in price. It will go up to AED 2.87 per litre from AED 2.76 in October. October’s price already represented an increase of 4.5% from AED 2.64 per litre in September.

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The drop in the petrol price follows a small month on month rise in October of 0.7% for Super 98 and 0.8% for Special 95.

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