Most Purchased Used Cars In The UAE


In a recently released motors report, Dubizzle Motors – the UAE’s largest used car portal, has claimed that four SUVs and sedans, all of them Japanese brands, were the most popularly used cars for the year 2018.

This conclusion was derived after conducting a detailed analysis of approximately 210,000 used cars which were listed for review on the Dubizzle platform. The primary criterion on the basis of which these cars were judged was the ‘total number of inquiries received from potential buyers’.

As a result, it was revealed that the most sought after cars on this online marketplace were:
● Toyota Camry
● Toyota Corolla
● Honda Accord
● Nissan Altima

However, when it came to the most viewed car, the Toyota Camry won hands down by recording the highest number of page views – 1.18 million for any registered vehicle. It was closely followed by the Nissan Patrol – 1.15 million, the Toyota Land Cruiser – 1.11 million, the Mercedes Benz (S-Class) – 996,000, and the Mercedes Benz (E-Class) – 956,000. It is also important to note here that all five of these models which topped the page view listing were also amongst the top 10 cars of 2018.

Nonetheless, despite their popularity, none of these cars were listed as ‘heftily priced’. In fact, the Bugatti Chiron supercar lost the credit of being the most expensive car of 2018. Costing around AED 14.9 million, the Bugatti was well-received, but its demand remained stagnant.

This clearly indicates a drastic shift in the customer interest from high-priced luxury cars towards more affordable and reliable automobiles. More so, the increase in popularity of both, SUVs and sedans shows that premium used cars have steadily begun to gain considerable traction.

In terms of price range, Dubizzle motors reported four major findings:
– 61% cars were priced below AED 60,000.
– 20% cars were priced between AED 60,000 – AED 119,999.
– 8% cars were priced between AED 120,000 – AED 179,999.
– 11% cars were priced above AED 180,000.

Additionally, the margin of negotiation between the official listing price (Dubizzle) and the actual selling price (Private) was also reported to be an overwhelming 13.6%. The 2018 motors report powered by Dubizzle Motors has once again affirmed the fact that in the nearfuture, the used car market is bound to grow from strength to strength.


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