Rainy Days on the Road


The rainy season is upon us.  Something that many of us look forward to in the Emirates.  A change from the usual hot and sunny days, the rain provides an opportunity to sit back with a cup of tea and admire the change of seasons.  However the experience on the roads of the UAE is very, very different.  Roads which aren’t optimal for this kind of weather turn to be quite dangerous which means we have to be even more attentive on the road to ensure everyone’s safety.  Below are some of the most common dangers you can encounter on the road in rainy weather.


  • A little slip and slide is usually fun at a waterpark but not on the roads.  When driving through large puddles of water which accumulate on the sides of the road usually, your tires can lose traction and aquaplane, sliding across the road and making you lose control of your car.
  • Visibility is another very important and obvious factor that is affected by the rain.  Turn on your headlights immediately to improve your visibility and for other drivers to see you on the road.  Also make sure your windshield wipers are functioning properly.
  • Breaking is a very touchy subject in the rain.  If you break too hard too quickly you risk the chance of losing control of your car.  You should leave enough distance between you and other cars so there is no need for sudden breaking and if you do find yourself aquaplaning, the last thing you should do is break as it will only make your car skid.
  • Our tires get a good beating with the sun and heat in this part of the world, drying out and cracking as a result.  Bald tires are your worst enemy on wet roads so make sure to check the quality of your tires to ensure your safety.


Make the best out of your rainy days, don’t speed, be attentive, and your drive will be as smooth as can be!

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