Revealed: The 10 cheapest private schools in Dubai

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Not that long ago, we reported that, for many parents in the UAE, it could cost up to AED 1 million to fully put a child through school. Certainly, raising a child in this country is an expensive business. However, there are ways of keeping costs down, as long as you know where to look.

Indeed, according to a new report from Edarabia, there’s a huge range in the cost of school fees in Dubai. This means it’s not always necessary to simply accept the rates of the latest big-name school in your area. Indeed, some private schools in Dubai offer education at extremely low rates.

What follows, then, is Edarabia’s list of the 10 cheapest private schools in Dubai. It should be noted, however, that the data here only takes into account school fees, and doesn’t include other costs like transport, uniforms or books. What’s more, these numbers are based on the cost of putting a grade 12 student through school, meaning that, if your child is younger, you could be looking at even lower costs.

Still, this list should give you a rough guide to what you’re looking at.

  1. Crescent School Dubai, Al Qusais

This school offers the CBSE curriculum, and primarily teaches in English. For a year’s worth of education here, you’re looking at AED 8,994.

  1. Pakistan Education Academy, Oud Mehta

As its name suggests, the Pakistan Education Academy follows the Pakistani curriculum. A year’s worth of school fees costs AED 8,210.

  1. National Charity School Dubai, Garhoud

A school better suited to Arabic speakers, NCS Dubai runs the UAE Ministry of Education’s official curriculum. For tuition, it costs AED 7,841 per year.

  1. New Indian Model School, Garhoud

This is an English language school, but it follows the Kerala syllabus and works students towards CBSE qualifications. Per year, tuition costs AED 6,517.

  1. Gulf Indian High School, Garhoud

GIHS is something of a multi-lingual school. It teaches the CBSE curriculum in English, but learning Arabic is compulsory for all students. Meanwhile, Hindi and Urdu courses are also available. For a year’s worth of tuition, you’re looking at AED 6,368.

  1. Central School Dubai, Al Nahda

Like GIHS, Central School Dubai demands that students learn Arabic, and it also has a number of optional languages available. Still, the main curriculum is based on the CBSE qualification. For a year of schooling, it’ll cost AED 2,262.

  1. Gulf Model School, Musainah

This is another English language school that follows the Kerala syllabus and works students towards CBSE qualifications. Per year, tuition costs AED 6,198.

  1. H.H. Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School Dubai, Al Qusais

This school follows the Pakistani curriculum and costs, annually, AED 6,112.

  1. Emirates English Speaking School, Al Safa

At EESS, learning Arabic is compulsory, but the CBSE curriculum is taught in English. For a year’s worth of tuition, you’re looking at AED 5,287.

  1. Khadija Kobra Iranian School for Girls, Karama 

As you might have guessed, this school teaches the Iranian curriculum, and it does so in Farsi language. For a year of tuition, it’ll cost AED 4,167.

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