Revealed: The cars that offer the best resale values in the UAE

Nissan Patrol UAE review

Resale value. It’s boring, but it’s something everyone needs to consider when buying a car in the UAE. After all, you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a car if you’re not going to get anything back when it comes to selling it.

But which cars come with the best resale value? According to a new study from CarSwitch, a used car marketplace based in Dubai, the answer is entirely predictable.

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By analysing the data from its platform, CarSwitch has worked out just how much you’re likely to get back for your used car when it’s time to sell up.

At the top of the list is the Nissan Patrol, one of the UAE’s favourite big SUVs. According to CarSwitch’s data, the Patrol will retain 85% to 88% of its new selling price after a year’s full use. That’s quite a bit higher than the industry average of 80%.

And things get better the longer you hold on to your Patrol. According to CarSwitch, after three years of normal use, the Patrol will retain 82% of its value.

No wonder the UAE likes this car so much.

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The second-best car for retaining value is the Lexus IS, which CarSwitch says will retain 80% of its value after three years. The Toyota Land Cruiser comes in third, retaining 74% of its value after three years.

Further down the list, there’s the Toyota Camry, which retains 72% of its value after three years, and the Nissan Sentra, which retains 71% of its value in the same time period. The Honda Accord is decent for resale value, too – it’ll give you back 70% after three years. The Ford Edge, meanwhile, is the only non-Japanese car in the top seven – it’ll earn you 69% of its value after three years.

Indeed, what this data really suggests is that, if you’re really set on resale value, you’re probably best off buying Japanese.

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