You May Have To Pay For Rubbish Collection In Dubai Soon

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Waste collection companies will soon have to pay Dubai Municipality for dumping rubbish. And those costs could be passed on to consumers.

Waste collection companies will soon have to pay Dubai Municipality (DM) for dumping the rubbish they collect. And those costs could, in turn, be passed on to consumers.

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From May 17, companies will pay fees ranging from AED 20 to 80 for every tonne of rubbish they dump at a DM waste management facility.

The lowest rate applies to companies dumping recyclables free of organic waste. The highest fee applies to waste destined for landfill sites.

Waste management companies will have to factor the new costs into their contracts with freehold and residential communities, F&B outlets and other organisations that currently pay companies to collect their waste. That could feed through into increased facilities management rates at the many freehold communities around Dubai.

An employee of one waste management company told Gulf News that “eventually, it will go to the end user generating waste. Our clients will take it from their tenants or guests as their service fees for waste collection.”

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In areas where DM still collects waste itself, the fees will not be applied.

How the fees will be applied in residential areas where DM has outsourced waste management to third parties remains to be seen, however. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see the costs come up in community management fees that owners of properties in freehold areas have to pay.

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