Soon You’ll Be Able To Travel To Saudi As A Tourist

Saudi Tourism

Saudi Arabia: If you’ve been there, it’s probably been for pilgrimage or business. The country is infamous for making it difficult for tourists to get in.

And, to be honest, that’s become a bit of a problem for Saudi Arabia. The country is hoping to diversify its economy away from oil. And given it’s got a good climate, and thousands of stunning historical sites, tourism is an obvious revenue driver.

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As a result, soon Saudi Arabia will make it much easier for tourists to visit. Without giving many details, Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman Abdul Aziz, head of the country’s Tourism Authority, this week said that “tourist visas will be introduced soon”.

Presumably, this means an end to lengthy visa-approval processes for visitors – as well as an end to the huge fees that often come with being given entry to the kingdom.

A slew of new tourism-focused projects are coming online in Saudi Arabia. There was an archeology convention in Riyadh this week, with a special focus being placed on the country’s historical sites. Plus, there are plans to turn a Red Sea archipelago into a host of luxury resorts.

There are already plenty of reasons to visit Saudi – if you’re a historical geek, or you simply want a bit of relaxed luxury, there’s lots around the country to keep you entertained.

These new rules should mean that more people get to enjoy the Kingdom’s treasures.

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