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Saving energy at home!

2020 has been a challenging year in more ways than one. Along with the Corona Virus came a series of repercussions that had an extreme effect on all of us. The circumstances made us realize how fragile our life and world really is and that it might be wise of us to take care of our planet and one another. With all the time we find ourselves spending at home, perhaps that’s a good place to start changing some of those habits that can better our life and planet. Learning some tips to save energy at home will not only make you feel good about doing your part in this tumultuous year, it will also save you some money which makes everyone happy.

  • In this part of the world our biggest problem is the heat. Don’t leave your AC running all day.  Set your thermostat to 24 degrees Celsius or higher in the summer months to save 6% to 8% on your bill and in the winter just let that cool breeze in and you’re good to go! Close your shades or curtains during the sunny hours to keep your home cool and fans are always a great idea because they cool down your environment further by about 4 degrees.

  • Don’t leave your appliances on all the time, there’s a reason for that switch on the wall, get friendly with it and start using it.  Most appliances are now electric which means they are running and using up energy constantly if left on.

  • Switch to LED lightbulbs and as basic as this sounds, turn off the lights when you’re not using them.

  • Clean and replace air filters in the house because dirty filters force the system to work much harder and longer than necessary.
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes, not only do you save energy but water as well.


Happy home and happy living!

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