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Cut The Excuses: National Bonds Wants You To Save More Money

National Bonds UAE

Saving in the UAE can be difficult, but it’s also something that can be done if you put your mind to it.

In fact, according to National Bonds, the majority of UAE residents don’t meet their savings goals because they make excuses for why they can’t afford to save. And that affects their ability to actually begin a savings plan once they’ve decided they can afford it.

A study by the savings and deposit account provider found that 69% of UAE residents are unsure about how to meet their financial goals. That’s a staggering statistic, given that salaries in the UAE are generally seen to be higher than in other world cities.

So to show people that saving is possible in the UAE, National Bonds has launched a campaign called #SavingsExcuse. It basically takes standard excuses for not saving in the UAE, and debunks them.

For example, a common excuse for not saving could be that you have too many bills to pay. National Bonds’ response to that excuse is this:

“Gyms built their business model expecting you not to show up. Think through the commitments you’ve made, especially subscriptions and other financial obligations. And ask yourself how much of your income is going to other people before you’re setting some aside for yourself.”

There are a ton of these examples on National Bonds’ #SavingsExcuse page. And they’ll take you through all of the reasons why it’s not actually as difficult to save up in the UAE as you might think – so long as you cut the excuses.

So what’s your excuse? Why not check out National Bonds’ page and see if you really can meet your financial goals?

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