Sharjah Confiscates Over 3000 Vehicles Over Serious Traffic Violations


The UAE has a comprehensive traffic management system implemented across the Emirates, including Sharjah. Among other measures to improve safety, there are several speed cameras installed across the city to apprehend violators. The police are also empowered enough to be able to enforce more than 200 different traffic fines for violations.

For example, the Sharjah Police ordered over 3,000 vehicles to be confiscated in Sharjah in 2018. But, instead of taking the impounded vehicles to an impoundment yard, they came up with an innovative and merciful alternative. They allowed the owners to keep the cars in front of their homes. The vehicles were fitted with GPS trackers to ensure that the owners didn’t take them out.

The owners were granted a stipulated 200m space around their residence to move or park the confiscated vehicle. If the vehicle were to be moved outside this area, the GPS tracker will send a signal to the police. As additional penalties for this violation, the confiscation period would be doubled, and the police would remove the license plate from the offending vehicle and circulate the defaulting number across the UAE.

This method of punishment, through innovative, may seem harsh by some standards as it could lead to a significant financial burden on the owners. But, as Major Abdul Rahman Khater, director of Media and Awareness Department clarified, the owners of the confiscated cars are only required to pay the fines imposed due to the violations. They would not have to pay for the GPS tracking device fitted to their car.

If you live in Sharjah or are planning to rent a car while traveling there, you can click here to get acquainted with traffic violations and fines in Sharjah.

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