Why UAE Residents Like To Shop During Ramadan

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In news that will surprise no-one, new research released by YouGov suggests that UAE residents like to shop during Ramadan. Here’s why.

In news that will surprise no-one, new research released by YouGov suggests that UAE residents like to shop during Ramadan.

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According to the survey company, 40% of UAE consumers believe Ramadan has the best offers and is the best period for them to make all their purchases.

More than 75% say they make either planned or impulsive purchases during the holy month.

Shoppers are also on the lookout for deals across categories: 54% are looking for deals on groceries and fresh produce, 51% want to buy new clothes, 39% would like a good price on a phone and 36% are after decently priced fashion accessories.

As to where they want to shop (online or in store), consumers are open minded. Only 9% will only shop online during Ramadan, whereas 39% say they’ll go and look around the shops, 38% will both look online and go to the mall, and 14% will shop wherever has the best promotions.

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Consumers are also willing to wander. Only 39% say they will only go to their preferred malls irrespective of the offers/promotions available.

Depending on the category, shoppers have a varying level of preference for brands. Around half are looking for specific brand offers for cars (54%), mobile devices (54%), computers and laptops (50%), cameras (49%), while over four in ten seek out offers from big names in the household electronic (45%), beauty product (44%), and household appliance (41%) spaces.

Shoppers learn about deals through a variety of channels before they go to the mall.

Around four in ten find out about promotions via social media ads (42%) and internet ads (39%), while three in ten (30%) hear through promotional emails/SMS messages from companies and brands. There is still a space for more traditional methods, however, with in-store adverts (38%), word-of-mouth (33%), and out-of-home (33%) influencing the choices of Ramadan shoppers.

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“Ramadan represents an enormous opportunity – both for retailers and customers,” wrote the report’s author, Kerry McLaren. “While it is fair to say that, on the whole, consumers want bargains, the key for shops – be they online or actual stores – is to know what type of deals they are looking for and on what products.

“Our data shows that when it comes to Ramadan many people want offers and promotions on things like mobiles, clothes, and groceries. Shoppers in the Holy month also favour going to malls instead of going online. By understanding the mindset of the Ramadan shopper, retailers and advertisers can reach them more effectively.”

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