Simple Hacks for Home Renovation


While home renovation sounds tedious and time-consuming, it is also the most fulfilling activity. Renovation is when your house gets the much needed make-over. Not only does it turn over a new leaf but also enhances the value of the place. By upgrading the functions, you can increase the efficiency of your home while attending to your comforts. You may catch your neighbors seething with envy as you give your house the love and attention it needed for so long. It is time for you to let go of that outdated decor and finally call your abode, your home.

Kitchen Renovation

Heart and soul of every household, kitchen renovation is an easy game-changer. While this space inevitably gets messy, the trick lies in planning the space and storage. Wooden kitchen cabinets with easy access will not only house the food but keep it organized. To add cherry to the cake, your kitchen could use counter-tops. Simple stone or marble counter-tops (depending on your budget) will liven the boring old kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are most prone to damage or dirt and they need frequent attention. Simply swapping old taps and shower heads can make the difference. However, renovating bathroom from scratch is never a bad call. The quickest way is heeding to the plumbing. Once the functioning is ensured, finer details like tiling, sanitary ware, etc. will be a cakewalk. Guests will love to excuse themselves for using the loo.

Wall Renovation

Without doubt, painting your home is the easiest decision to make and also one of the cheapest. Did you know that colors on your walls affects lighting too? Lighter colors reflect more light, making the place well-lit and welcoming. But darker shades add oomph and makes it easier for maintenance. If you have found yourself in a soup, rule of thumb is to remember the color wheel and play around with those primary colors.

Floor Renovation

Floor is the backbone of the house and can complete control its appeal. With the right colors and material, your house can look spacious. Flooring renovation may seem expensive but it is worthy with proper planning and execution. From glossy hardwood floors to sagacious looking marbles, you floor deserves some hype. Throw out those musty carpets  and let your floors breathe. Bring home wooden laminates or vinyl and add that snazzy factor.

Window Renovation

Half the beauty of indoor comes from the natural light flocking in from outside. Windows make or break the aura in your home, controlling light and ventilation. Large windows are the best for the lovers of nature out there.  While windows set the ambiance, doors create the first impressions. Your doors also affect the lighting and air in your room. While glass doors are fancy, wooden ones highlights the organic appeal.

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