Steps to Buying Your Next Car


Step 1 – Consider what you want to be doing with the new car? Is it an additional car for the household and practicality is key?  Will you be wanting to go off-roading in the desert on the weekends and need an SUV?  Do you have to drive long hours or distances and a comfortable sedan is the best option?


Step 2 – Consider if you can afford a new car purchase and if so what’s your budget?  Depending on your usage and lifestyle it might be more affordable to take taxis, ubers, and public transport and you can always rent a car for the occasional times when you must have your own.  Owning a car means paying registration fees, car insurance, and salik so it does add up in the end.  If purchasing your own car is the best option for you then allocate your budget to begin your search for the best deal.


Step 3 – Consider setting aside some time to research and explore the best options and deals in the market.  There are plenty of consumer reviews online for you to learn about the best cars according to each category.  Once you’ve narrowed down your top choices, visit the various dealerships to shop and negotiate for the best offer.


Step 4 – Consider these details if you get stuck between several options.  One of the most important things to think about is gas mileage because not only will it increase your spending, it also has severe consequences on our environment.  There are many incentives these days to drive hybrid or electric so have a look.  Next thing to consider is the cost of car insurance.  Big SUVs and sports cars cost more to insure so if you’re on a tight budget, keep that in mind. If still feeling confused, taking a test drive of your favorite options is a must and is a sure fire way to figure out how you feel behind the wheel.  Yes we said feel!  It’s not just about the most logical decision, you must feel comfortable and safe handling your new car so you can be a good driver on the road.


Step 5 – You’ve picked your car after much research and careful consideration.  There is one last thing left for you look into however and that is financing your new purchase.  Many dealerships are offering great payment plans to facilitate purchases in what’s turned out to be a very tough year or perhaps you prefer to go through your bank for an auto loan.   Shopping for the best payment terms or loans is just as important as shopping for the car.


You are now ready to hit the road!

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