Teenagers can Now Seek Help instantly from Police in Dubai

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Everything comes as a package, and so do the benefits of technological advancements. The biggest threat to social media and other online advancements is the birth of cybercrime, that is taking a toll, especially on teenagers all across the globe, including Dubai. However, to combat this menace to the masses, primarily the youth, Dubai police has taken some stringent steps which would safeguard the interests of teenagers who can instantly reach out for help as and when required.

Providing easy access to cops when faced with online threats, the cybercrime department of Dubai Police has come up with some innovative and prompt steps. Teenagers can now come forward, asking for help, without even having to go to a police station to lodge a complaint when faced with challenges and malicious actions on social media and gaming websites. All this is possible through the second phase of the Dubai Police’s e-crime website.

Through their e-crime website, Dubai police aims at opening secure channels which would provide complete leverage to teenagers to contact the police without having to open a case. This step has been taken to avoid the paranoia which the young generation faces on the very thought of having to handle a police case, which deters them from coming forward with their grievances.

Teenagers are the ones who are most active and vulnerable on social media and gaming platforms. This special cell of the Dubai police department would provide complete security to the teenagers who often hesitate from sharing their problems. In cases where people are determined and are bold enough to handle things more systematically, and are ready to fight their battle without getting scared, the Dubai Police cyber cell department has specially designated vehicles that can reach the crime scene or location at once.

All cybercrime and hacking reports would be handled and dealt with from their e-crime website, which would enable them to recover WhatsApp accounts, Instagram pages, and Facebook, as well as Snapchat accounts, thereby enabling teens to reach out to the cops in times of distress just by a few clicks.

What makes this effort by the Dubai Police Department a breakthrough for controlling cybercrime, mainly among the teenagers and the youth of today, is that these adolescents do not need to reveal their identity and can yet complain about their most disturbing and challenging problems related to social websites and gaming platforms. They can do this by simply logging on to the e-crime website set up by the Dubai Police.

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