The Top Five Destinations For A Winter Break


Winter holidays are just around the corner, and there is no better time to enjoy the break by taking yourself off.

Although winter weather in Dubai can be unbeatable, sometimes we crave snow or a crisp winter chill. And there is no better place to visit then experiencing Europe, most European countries are all geared up for snow season and endless Christmas surprises.

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So, why not go off the radar for a bit and check out some cosy destinations to enjoy fireside coffee’s and plenty of snow.


Stockholm, Sweden

The birth place of ABBA and Ikea, Sweden should definitely be a place that you tick off you travel list. During the winter, this popular tourist spot is even livelier with Christmas markets and plenty of places to dust off your skiing skills. And the best thing? If you travel to the north of the country then you will most likely have the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights. Norwegian Airline can take you there for only AED 1,913 per person.


Reykjavik, Iceland

The northernmost capital of Europe, Reykjavik is a chic, trendy and exciting winter destination. But that doesn’t mean that the weather will be Arctic, winter in Iceland is actually relatively mild with temperatures never going below 0 Degrees Celsius (which is pretty warm for winter!), thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. Although Reykjavik stays a popular tourist destination all throughout winter, because the island is so small, there are plenty of opportunities to hire a car and take yourself out of the city and surround yourself by the unspoiled nature. The only downside is trying to get there. If you travel from Dubai, there are several transfers that you’ll need to make, and it will cost you AED 2,740 – but it will be worth it.

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Budapest, Hungary

The vibrant city of Budapest is nicknamed ‘The Paris of the East’, and this city is best witnessed during the winter. And good news if you want to travel on a budget, as usually during the winter time, hotels and accommodation are a lot cheaper, meaning your money goes further. However, flights might be slightly more expensive. For a direct flight it will cost you AED 3,866 per person.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has been named as the second happiest country in the world, so imagine experiencing the city during the most magical time of the year. Copenhagen is guaranteed snow if that’s what you were hoping for and there are plenty of Michelin star restaurants to indulge in. Turkish Airlines flies to Copenhagen for AED 2,131 per person.


Rome, Italy

In winter, package tourists are few and far between, so if you’re looking for a place that won’t be busy, then Rome should be on your list. You can still experience all the classic sites like the ruins and architecture but with an added blanket of snow. Tickets are set slightly higher with Emirates at AED 3,066, but you would be visiting a historic city which will give you an experience of a lifetime.

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