Travel Safe with Travel Insurance


Accidents and mishaps never alarm you before hitting. No one can predict what’s going to happen the very next moment. Unforeseen circumstances can take place, anytime, anywhere and with anyone without sending signals to alert them. Hence, it is better we are future-ready with the required precautionary measures so that we do not fall into bigger trouble for not being prepared to handle the situation well.

This especially is applicable when you are Travelling. Travel insurance can keep you safeguarded and ready to deal with expenditures in the advent of an accident in a city or country outside of your homeland. The last thing you would expect is thousands of your hard-earned money getting evaporated on expenditures incurred on a non-refundable account due to some unexpected mishap.

Travel insurance would serve as a saviour for you in case you fall ill, meet with an accident, lose important documents, get robbed or hurt in any manner on foreign land. It would take care of your monetary compensations and even provide insurance against a financial loss.

Here are 5 major reasons why travel insurance is like an anchor in times of distress on alien land.

  1. Loss of passport or baggage- A travel insurance plan would provide you a breather amidst confusions and frustrations arising due to loss of baggage or passport in a foreign country. In such circumstances, holding a travel insurance plan would meet your charges accrued for issuance of duplicate passport and even provide you compensation for delay in receiving your baggage.
  2. Missed flight cancellations and trip delays- In case you miss a flight or it gets cancelled for some reason, you can claim compensation or even ask for a case advance from your travel insurance plan.
  3. Medical emergency- In case you fall ill on a trip abroad, or meet with an accident, you can avail of cashless hospitalisation, get diagnostic tests done, pay for in-patient/out-patient, ambulance charges etc.through your travel insurance plan, without making a hole in your pocket.
  4. Pre-existing illness- For people having a pre-existing illness, it is always advisable to travel sress-free-free by taking out a travel insurance plan. All expenses in case of any life-threatening event would be taken care of by them.
  5. Man-made and natural calamities- Travel insurance plans even cover you against man-made and natural, unexpected calamities.


Having understood the benefits of taking out a travel insurance plan, especially when travelling to a different country, there are certain perks of travel insurance which you should be aware of.

  • Age is no bar for a travel insurance
  • Travel insurance is available even when you are travelling on an immigration visa.
  • Companies can design and tailor-make insurance plans to suit your specifications as per your suitability and preference
  • Opt for a company that allows online processing and renewal flexibility and even has toll-free numbers which is easy to avail

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