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Higher interest rates no problem for UAE residents

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The majority of UAE consumers place greater value on a credit card’s features than they do on interest rates, according to a spot poll from

The poll revealed that no UAE consumers at all consider low interest rates as the most important thing they look for in a credit card. Instead, 100% of consumers rate things like air miles, airport lounge access and cashback as the most important feature when considering a new credit card.

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According to the poll, 38% of UAE residents consider cashback to be the most important feature of a credit card, while 25% consider a lack of annual fees to be the most important thing. Travel benefits are also viewed favourably, with 25% saying air miles was the most important feature of a credit card, and 6% saying they look at airport lounge access first and foremost.

Dining and entertainment deals were also more important than lower interest rates, with 6% of respondents naming that as their most valued feature on a credit card.

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