The best flight deals out of the UAE right now

Emirates flight deals

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but here’s your semi-regular update on what are currently the best flight deals out of the UAE.

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Yep, we know that the summer’s over, and everyone is back at work or school, which means there isn’t a whole lot of time for travelling. But therein lies the beauty of looking at flights now – because hardly anyone is flying for pleasure, airlines are offering great deals to holiday destinations. This means that, if you’re travelling over the festive period in a few months, now is as good a time as any to book.

Indeed, if you’re flying long-haul anytime soon, Emirates has some ridiculously attractive offers at the moment.

For example, how does a return flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur for as little as AED 2,200 sound? Or, if you’re feeling flush, business class tickets on the same route are on offer from AED 8,290 for the round trip. See more on the airline’s featured fares page.

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That said, if you head on over to Etihad Airways’ deals page, you’ll also find plenty of great offers. The UAE’s flagship carrier will do you a round trip from Abu Dhabi to Beirut for as little as AED 1,270, or fly you to Bangkok for just over AED 3,000.

Head over to each airline’s deals page to check out the offers for yourself. Oh, and before you fly, make sure you’re covered with travel insurance!

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