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UAE Fuel Prices: Petrol Rates Are Down But Diesel Prices Hold Steady

UAE fuel price

For the first time since July, petrol prices in the UAE are set to fall slightly.

Up to this month, we’d seen three consecutive price hikes across all types of fuel available in the UAE. But the Ministry of Energy just announced that, in November, petrol will be slightly cheaper.

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Super 98, then, will fall 4.24% from October’s price of AED 2.12 per litre to AED 2.03 per litre. Special 95 goes from AED 2.01 per litre to AED 1.92 per litre – a price cut of 4.48%. And at AED 1.85 per litre in November, E-Plus 91 will be 4.64% cheaper than its October price of AED 1.94 per litre.

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If you’re driving a petrol car, then, you can look forward to about the same fuel prices that we saw in September.

However, you drive a diesel-powered car or truck, you haven’t been so lucky with November’s new prices. The Ministry of Energy said that diesel will rise 0.48% to AED 2.11 per litre. That’s actually only a difference of a fil on last month, but you’re not getting a meaningful discount.

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