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UAE Fuel prices: August rates on the rise

UAE fuel price

UAE drivers enjoyed three blissful months of cheap petrol – especially in July, when we saw the cheapest fuel prices of the year.

That was thanks to a dip in international crude oil prices. But this month, fuel prices are set to rise slightly.

Starting today, instead of paying AED 1.86, you’ll have to start paying AED 1.89 per litre for Super 98.

Special 95 will see a rise of 1.7%, which means per litre you’ll have to start paying AED 1.78. In July, the cost was AED 1.75 per litre.

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And this month, instead of the AED 1.71 per litre that E Plus cost in July, drivers will be paying AED 1.68.

Diesel prices have seen the biggest increase, though the rise is still modest. August will see prices go up by 2% – a litre will now cost AED 1.88 instead of AED 1.84.

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