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UAE fuel prices to increase in September

UAE fuel price

Fuel prices in the UAE are set to rise in September 2017, with higher oil rates pushing some fuel types above the AED 2-per-litre mark.

According to an announcement from the UAE Ministry of Energy, Super 98 will cost AED 2.01 per litre from September 1. That’s a 6.3% increase over the prices we’ve seen in August.

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Diesel will also see a reasonable hike, increasing 6.4% from last month’s price of AED 1.88 per litre to AED 2 per litre in September.

Meanwhile, Special 95 will cost AED 1.90 per litre – 6.7% higher than the AED 1.78 that consumers were paying for the fuel this month. And E Plus will set you back AED 1.83 per litre, up 7% from August’s price of AED 1.71.

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This is the second month in a row that UAE fuel prices have risen. In July, we saw some of the cheapest fuel prices of the year, but they were raised modestly in August, and continue to rise for September.

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