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UAE fuel prices: Slight increases for May 2017

UAE fuel price

After a brief month in which the UAE saw fuel prices decrease, it’s now been announced that prices are going up again for the month of May 2017.

According to the latest pricing guidelines from the UAE Ministry of Energy, Super 98 will this month be priced at AED 2.01 per litre, up 3.08% on April’s price of AED 1.95 per litre. Special 95, meanwhile, will go for AED 1.90 per litre this month, up 3.26% from its April price of AED 1.84 per litre.

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E-Plus 91 and diesel have also seen increase. E-Plus 91 is this month selling for AED 1.83 per litre, up 3.9% from April’s price of AED 1.77, while diesel is up slightly from AED 1.95 to AED 1.97 per litre.

While there are rises across the board for fuel, it should be noticed that these increases aren’t as large as the decreases we saw for April. So, overall, in May, you’ll still be paying less for fuel than you were in March.

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