Fuel Prices

UAE fuel prices set to rise again in October

UAE fuel prices

Motoring in the UAE is set to get a little more expensive, with fuel prices being raised again for the month of October.

Overall, if you’re buying fuel in October, you’re looking at prices around 5% higher than they were in September, according to new figures put out by the UAE Ministry of Energy.

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As a result, Super 98 will go from AED 2.01 per litre to AED 2.12 per litre. Special 95’s increase is slightly steeper, going from AED 1.95 per litre to what you paid for Super 98 in September – AED 2.01 per litre.

E-Plus, meanwhile, rises by 6% from September’s price of AED 1.83 per litre to AED 1.94 per litre. And diesel will go from AED 2 per litre to AED 2.10 per litre.

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This is the third month in a row that UAE fuel prices have risen. This isn’t altogether surprising, given that, over the summer, prices fell pretty drastically. Still, the hikes haven’t been too brutal – fuel costs will be around 12% higher in October than they were in July.

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