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UAE fuel prices: Slight drop for June

UAE fuel prices

Drivers in the UAE can let out a sigh of relief this upcoming month, as it’s been announced that fuel prices will decrease for the month of June 2017.

Petrol and diesel prices will be around 2% cheaper in June compared to May’s increase.

The UAE Ministry of Energy announced that consumers will pay AED 1.96 a litre for Super 98, a 2.5% decrease from May’s price of AED 2.01. And instead of paying AED 1.90 for Special 95 a litre like you did in May, you can now pay AED 1.85 a litre. That brings us almost back to what consumers paid in April.

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E-Plus 91 and diesel have also been affected by the slump in crude oil prices. E-Plus is selling this month at AED 1.78 per litre instead of May’s price at AED 1.83 – a decline of 2.7%. Diesel will drop 3.6% to AED 1.90 from last month’s price of AED 1.97.

June is only the second month this year that consumers have seen a decrease in petrol and diesel prices, with fuel prices having gone down in April as well.

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