UAE passport ‘most desirable’ in the GCC

UAE passport

If you’re a UAE national, we have good news. Arton Capitol’s Passport Index, which ranks passports according to how easy they are to travel with, was recently updated, and it says that the UAE’s is the leading GCC passport, with a visa-free travel score of 122.

To put that in perspective, the next-best GCC passports were Kuwait, which came with a score of 81, and Qatar, which scored 77. Indeed, the UAE’s passport appears to be up there with some of the global leaders.

The world’s best passport was Germany’s, which took the lead with a visa-free travel score of 157. Singapore overtook South Korea to take second, as well as the rank of highest-scoring Asian country, with a score of 156.

Singapore was followed by Sweden, Denmark, Finland and France. Spain, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom rounded off the top 10.

The lowest-scoring MENA passports were Iraq and Syria. However, the least desirable global passport was from Afghanistan, which came with a score of just 23. Pakistan (26), Sri Lanka (35), and India (46) highlighted the continued lack of access for South Asian passports.

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