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Do you feel like you’re overworked and underpaid? If you do, you can now at least check to see if you actually are, thanks to the Robert Half 2017 Salary Guide, which tracks wage averages for over 185 jobs in the UAE.

The salary figures in the 2017 edition are based on a number of sources, most notably the number of placements that Robert Half’s recruiting professionals make each year.

Before we get into the numbers, though, it’s worth noting that the projected salaries for each position reflect starting pay only. Bonuses and other forms of reward, such as expatriate incentives and benefits plans, are not taken into account. What’s more, the numbers aren’t definitive – Robert Half said that it recognises that salary ranges may vary by industry and are influenced by hard-to-find skill sets.

Anyway, let’s get down to brass tax. According to the just-released report, the top entry-level positions in the UAE are currently in the finance, financial services, accounting, admin and technology sectors. This is a case of supply and demand, particularly when it comes to finance and accounting. Robert Half said that 89% of finance leaders report that it is challenging to find skilled professionals today. Almost half (49%) say that the shortage is mainly caused by the current lack of niche, technical experts, while 21% pin it on a scarcity of commercial and business skills, and 17% say that general demand simply outweighs supply.

As a result, CFOs, finance directors, financial controllers and chief accountants figured highly on the salary guide. The report said that CFOs of SMEs can expect to bring home $288,750 to $513,250 per year in 2017, a 0.6% increase on last year. Those numbers are even bigger in large organisations, with CFOs expected to earn $245,250 to $605,000 per year in 2017 – a 0.4% increase over 2016.

Finance directors in SMEs are expected to earn up to $308,500 in 2017 (up 4.5% on last year), while finance directors in large organisations are expected to earn up to $402,750 – up 2.9% on last year.

Looking at more mid-level positions, some positions are certainly on the up in terms of salaries. HR officers, for example, can expect to earn $39,250 to $68,750 in 2017 – up 1.9% on 2016. And executive assistants can be looking at up to $98,000 in 2017 – up 2% on last year.

Want to know what your salary should be in 2017? Head over to the Robert Half site to download the report.

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