Valuing Your Valuables


When it comes to not taking care of our things properly we are all guilty on a day to day basis. It not until an accident or mistake happens that we look back in utter shock and surprise at how we could’ve been so absent minded and carless. We’ve compiled a list of some simple mistakes that we all will make at some point just to keep you aware!


5. Maintenance is one of the simplest forms of care we can give to properly look after our valuables. Anything of value usually requires upkeep and maintenance like your car, your home, and your jewelry. If you don’t make a point to take care of these items as needed they will no longer be considered as a valuable. Educate yourself on what is needed for each of these valuables and save yourself the hassle later when it’s too late.


4. Leaving your belongings in public..unattended.  Because we somehow believe the CCTV cameras will catch the culprit! Except most likely the police will point out how irresponsible it is of you to leave your valuables exposed before any camera investigations even happen.


3. Keeping your belongings out of sight in a safe place. Deciding wisely where is best to keep your valuables when you’re not going to be home or should you be leaving the country for a period of time. You might have kids and leaving that diamond ring lying around for your daughter to try it on for size may end up in the ring disappearing altogether while she’s playing dress up.


2. Coming in second place and a favorite in the UAE is leaving the door of your home unlocked or the key outside, in a “not so secret” hiding place.  Under the plants, above the door, under the mat, we know all your ingenious secret spots and they’re not so secret.  You are providing very very easy access for anyone to come in and grab anything they like.

1. And first place goes to … leaving your car open with the key inside. Keep your car locked and your key on your person at all times!

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