Want free parking in Dubai? Get an electric car

electric car Dubai

Dubai is hoping to increase the number of electric cars on its roads, and in an effort to see that through, has introduced a slew of incentives for electric car owners.

The emirate’s Supreme Council of Energy announced this week that electric car owners would be allowed to charge their cars for free at public charging points, as well as get free parking in designated areas around Dubai.

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There are around 100 public charging stations for electric cars in Dubai right now, and 100 more are planned to be operational by next year.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) also said that electric cars would be exempt from Salik fees, as well as registration and renewal fees.

Currently, there aren’t many electric cars on Dubai’s roads. That’s down to a combination of car manufacturers not bringing their electric cars to the UAE, and the lack of infrastructure able to support electric motoring.

With the Dubai government fixing the infrastructure side of the problem, carmakers are indeed seeing the UAE as a solid market for electric cars – Tesla recently opened a Dubai showroom, and, though it hasn’t been confirmed, we expect the new Nissan Leaf to be sold in the UAE, too.

With these two issues being sorted, the idea of electric car ownership in Dubai is suddenly becoming more plausible. Indeed, thanks to the new incentives from the RTA and DEWA, it’s becoming pretty attractive.

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And it isn’t just the government offering incentives. Earlier in the year, Emirates NBD and HSBC announced discounts for UAE residents looking to get car loans for electric cars. The banks said they’d offer electric car drivers 0.5% off their reducing interest rates on car finance, and HSBC said they’d give a 50% discount on the loan arrangement fee.

As a result of all this, perhaps now is as good a time as any to look at buying an electric car in the UAE!

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