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There’s no denying that the Pandemic affected the concept of wellbeing at work, like it has in all other elements of our daily life. It may even be one of the better things to come from the period. We’ve looked at the top five trends in wellbeing at work. Trying to adjust to...

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Top 5 Trends In the Workplace

How This Change Manifested

There’s no denying that the Corona Pandemic has affected the concept of wellbeing at work, like it has in all other elements of our daily life.  We’ve looked at the top five trends in wellbeing at work to look out for:

1. Atmosphere

Trying to adjust to all the heightened uncertainties now present in our lives along with social isolation, decreased social interaction, and financial insecurity, it’s no wonder that our mental wellbeing has suffered. And for the first time in a long time that has forced employers to acknowledge and take responsibility for their role in the wellbeing of their employees.  This means creating a positive work atmosphere, increased flexibility with work schedules, and programs targeted at promoting mental health.

2. Productivity

Increased or sustained productivity from employees working at home is sure to make this a continuing trend if not a permanent new order.  Many companies have realized the cost saving benefits of this setup as well as the increased safety of its employees and have transitioned to a full work from home policy or finding a happy medium.

3. Family Life

With many employees working from home and schools in lockdown, we see kids popping up in Zoom calls all the time and this in turn has highlighted employers responsibilities to provide support for working parents.  They can consider providing childcare help, additional paid leave, flexible work hours, and even offer virtual activities for children during lockdowns or quarantines.

4. Community

With all these changes employers now have to focus more on creating spaces and occasions for collaboration and social connectedness for their employees.  Setting up various programs fostering community and charitable work as well as special days at the office may be the new trend to serve that purpose.

5. Training

Employers had to fire a big part of their workforce but they’ve also had to create new roles to adapt to the changing circumstances and the new normal.  The main way they will be able to do that is through internal mobility and the re-skilling of their workforce to fill those gaps.  Giving their employees the knowledge and tools to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment will be of utmost priority.