A Healthy Approach to Smartphones


Our smartphones oftentimes seem to get us into more bad than good.  From distracting us from work and family, to making us antisocial at friendly gatherings, to the unnerving addiction we find ourselves subconsciously having to social media, smartphones are a powerful tool but many times spell trouble!  So when the techies keep telling us we have to harness this tool and use it to our advantage, for our own benefit, we should be paying close attention to their advice.  One of the main ways that can be done is through the wide array of apps now available to assist us in our daily lives. Today we’re gonna have a deeper look at all that’s available to improve our health.

The General Practitioner – There are several apps out there which monitor basic bodily functions such as your pulse and heart rate.  These apps go further by alerting you of any unusual patterns or occurrences and give you advice that is catered to you and your body. The Sleep Doctor .. You will have a whole new perspective on sleep after trying out one of these apps.  Quality sleep is by far one of the most important elements in having a healthy mind and body.  These apps follow your rem cycles giving you crucial information on the quality of your sleep cycles and they have a nice feature which wakes you up at the end of the cycle so you feel fresh and energetic rather than grumpy and on the wrong side of the bed.

The Nutritionist – If you are serious about eating healthy but always feel like you don’t have the right information to allow you to make the right choices when it comes to food then these apps are for you.  With thousands of food categories and dishes you are able to understand exactly what you are consuming in terms of calories, nutrients, and much more. You can set weight goals, count calories, and include your fitness routine even.

The Personal Trainer – Monitor your fitness routine and goals with these apps.  They allow you to calculate how many calories you’re burning depending on your chosen exercise.  They can suggest various exercises and routines for you to try out from strength training to yoga.  They will do anything and everything except the actual workout, that part you will have to do yourself.

The Psychologist – And our personal favorite to the health category are these recent apps which monitor your mental health.  These apps are a kind of mood diary which help you figure out your patterns and understand them.  They also use cognitive behavioral tools to help you through the downs and some offer meditation tools as well which all have been proven to improve mental health.

And the best part with any of these apps is that they work to educate you about your body and health all while you work to reach your goal!

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