For the first time since its introduction forty years ago, Mercedes has done an amazing job giving the G-Class a complete new makeover. But its is completely different from other “makeovers” that just plaster a new body onto an existing chassis, Mercedes went in the opposite direction

Mercedes has done a wonderful job in retaining G-Class its iconic looks while receiving a new, longer frame; independent front suspension; and an interior befitting the Mercedes S-Class sedan. And yet despite its modernization, the G stays true to its off-road roots. G-Class comes with a full-time 4WD system, three locking differentials, skid plates, and proper ground clearance. One of the noticeable change  in a new model is G-Mode that further improves the SUV’s go-anywhere capability with electronic aids.

But to be honest ninety nine percent of G-Wagon owners will never trek over anything more challenging than wet grass or a snowy road. That’s why Mercedes have introduced high levels of luxury in the new model. Wheelbase is 2 inches longer and 4.7 inches wider for a more planted on-road feel and more interior room.


Interior quality and tech

Unlike the exterior, Mercedes completely revamped the G-Wagen’s interior.  G-Class new glass cockpit-style interior finds its way from the S-Class and E-Class. Twin, 12.3-inch displays shows a digital gauge cluster for the driver and the standard barrage of navigation, vehicle settings, and menus on the center screen. The gauges can be configured into one of three styles at the driver’s whim. They include Classic, Sport, and Progressive.

2019 Mercedes G-Class Driven in Dubai

Legroom in each row has inflated because of the G-Wagen’s added length. The front seats have been upgraded with additional 1.5 inches space and the rear seats get nearly six inches extra. What’s more, elbowroom has improved 2.6 inches in front and 2.2 inches in the rear thanks to the G’s wider stance.


How does it drive?

Named the G500, the V-8 kicks out a very respectable 422 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque that peaks at only 2,000 rpm and stays strong until 4,750 rpm.

A new nine-speed automatic transmission and its torque converter were unique tuned for the G500 to meet both on- and off-road driving situations. New G-Class gearbox has quicker shift times thanks to a dedicated software application. And thanks to the nine speeds and wide overall ratio of gears, the V-8 can move the G-Class down the highway at very low revs, which helps conserve fuel. Mercedes is estimating the G500 will achieve 21 mpg combined.

2019 Mercedes G-Class Driven in Dubai

The Dynamic Select rocker switch allows the driver to choose between Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Individual modes. Things like transmission tuning, throttle response, suspension firmness, traction control, and stability control are all tailored to each mode. Like in other vehicles, Individual mode lets the driver customize the settings for each parameter and save the setting for quick selection.

Apart from above changes there is a massive change for the 2019 G-Class also happens under body as well. For G-Class better handling Mercedes have completely redesigned the suspension to better handle the G’s wide range of driving. Front axle has been replaced with an independent suspension system using a double wishbone design mounted right to the frame. A strut tower brace adds rigidity to the front suspension for better cornering. The rear axle remains the solid type, but is now held in place with a four-link setup with a pan-hard bar that controls lateral movement.


Our verdict

Mercedes has clearly done an spectacular job with the new 2019 G-Class by retaining the iconic, boxy design while completely upgrading the G’s interior, underpinning, off-road capability, and on-road performance. That’s a tall order, but the German automaker pulled it off.

2019 Mercedes G-Class Driven in Dubai

2019 Mercedes G-Class Driven in Dubai