Green cars are becoming big business in the UAE. Just ask Al-Futtaim, the country’s Toyota distributor, which just launched the all-new Toyota Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV).

Now, you’ll probably be familiar with the Toyota Camry Hybrid. The Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has been using hybrid Camrys as taxis for a while now. But with this new model, you can actually get in on the low-fuel action yourself, with the car starting at AED 133,500.

That’s quite a lot for what is ostensibly a standard Japanese saloon. But what you get in return is hyper-mile luxury. According to Al-Futtaim Toyota, the new model can be driven entirely by electrical power with zero-fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Or, if you’re gunning it, you’ll get a combination of the petrol engine and two electric motors.

The batteries in the hybrid electric drivetrain are automatically charged by either the petrol engine or when braking and decelerating, meaning you don’t need a plug-in power cord. Either way, Toyota promises “top-class fuel efficiency”, meaning visits to petrol stations will be significantly reduced. Handy, when petrol prices in the UAE are currently at their highest-ever levels.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid also provides the priceless added benefit of feeling good about doing less damage to the world – a point that Suzan Kazzi, Head of Corporate Communications at Al-Futtaim Toyota, made at the car’s UAE launch event.

“Camry HEV has been leading the sustainable mobility march since 2008, being the first marque that pioneered the HEV technology in the UAE. With thousands of previous generation Camry HEVs crossing collectively over 100 million KM through taxi fleets, Camry HEV saved collectively over 6,000 tons of CO2 in the UAE, contributing to the cumulative 90 million tons of CO2 reduction generated by the global sales of 11.47 million electrified Toyota vehicles,” she said.

Plus, the new Toyota Camry Hybrid should actually be decent to drive. The petrol and electric motors combine to serve up 208 bhp, which is fed through a CVT automatic gearbox. Toyota promises sportier handling than the previous model, but we reckon this car will be geared more towards relaxation.

There’s also a totally updated interior, taking the Camry way ahead of its other Japanese rivals.

What do you think? Is this a hybrid you’d like to own?

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid UAE