Minimum Salary Salary Transfer Islamic Finance Maximum Term Flat Rate Reducing Rate
Riyad Bank - Tawarruq Riyad Bank - Tawarruq Minimum Salary: SAR 3,000 Salary Transfer: No Islamic Finance: Yes Maximum Term: 5 Years Flat Rate: 1.32% Reducing Rate: 2.58%
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get your personal finance from Riyad Bank at  the lowest profit margin. Funding your personal needs and aspirations instantly. Riyad Bank’s Tawarruq financing is designed to provide you with funds when needed with competitive profit margins in a very easy and flexible way.

 Riyad Bank offers you a 0% admission fee for Personal Loan

  • Murabaha:

Riyad Bank offers you a Murabaha Shares Finance to provide you with direct liquidity as well as the ability to own the shares.

  • Tawarruq:

Tawarruq financing is designed to provide you with funds when needed with competitive profit margins in a very easy and flexible way.

  • Personal Finance without Salary Transfer:

A Shari’a compliant personal finance without salary transfers. We offer you easy and convenient finance to achieve your goals without the need to transfer your salary to Riyad Bank.

  • Education Finance:

With Education Finance program from Riyad Bank, you can create an installment plan for tuition fees without a profit margin.

  • DAFA’AT Program:

Riyad Bank introduces “DAFA’AT” Program, which enable customers to obtain products and services through Personal Finance product without administrative fees or profit margin.

  • Tas’heel Program

This program enables Riyad Bank customers to apply for a salary advance as maximum not exceeding 25% of the monthly customer salary deposited at Riyad Bank.

  • Unify Your Liabilities Program:

Riyad Bank offers customers a program to unify their current financial liabilities in other banks and companies to unify them into a single installment plan

  • Self-Employed Personal Finance Program:

Riyad Bank offers its self-employed customers a program for personal finance without salary transfer.

  • Approved by Riyad Bank’s Shari’a Committee.
  • Pensioners can benefit from a special package that allows repayment till the age of 70
  • For salary transfer financing, all outstanding balance will be waived in case of customer’s death (may God forbid)
  • For Saudis
  • For non-Saudis
  • For pensioners
  • For trainees of military sectors and large corporations
  • “Unify your commitments” Program
Additional Information
Programs for governmental sector Saudi Nationals employees

  • Should be 18 years and above
  • Minimum net salary should be SAR 3000
  • Period of service is not required

Programs for large corporations Non-Saudis employees:

  • Should be 22 years and above
  • Minimum net salary of SAR 5,000
  • 3-months service period for those whose salary is between SAR (5000 – 14,999)
  • Period of service is not required for those whose salary is above SAR (15,000)
  • Finance amount up to SAR 300,000
  • Finance amount is granted to the customer based on the employment contract period or end of service allowance 

Program for Pensioners

  • The debit to income must not exceed 25% of the salary
  • Salary must be transferred to Riyad bank
  • Minimum net salary of SAR 2000
  • The customer must not exceed 70 years at the last installment date

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