Dubai’s most purrfect pet hotels

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With long summers, and pet owners eager to escape the heat, finding the right kennel and cattery is vital. Visit the outlet and talk to the staff regarding what care your animal needs, any special dietary requirements, and closely inspect the area. Check for over-crowding, and make sure there’s a yard for the dogs to exercise. You’ll also want to check on the staff training – do they have a vet on site or on call? Do they know how to look out for animals on hunger strike (a relatively common occurrence if your pet is being left for the first time)? Also check how much one-on-one time the animal will receive – will they get hugs, cuddles and attention, or will they be left to their own devices?

Tip: Booking well in advance is recommended as summer and Christmas periods get booked up months before.

Dubai Kennels and Cattery (DKC) have over 30 years of experience in the city and try and help their guests feel like they’re on holiday – there are couches and sofas for the animals to lounge about on and have a large exercise yard.

As the name suggests, Pet Palace is a 5-star experience. Animals all get spacious areas with comfortable beds, plush green run out areas and dedicated playtime, not to mention their living area is cleaned 4 times a day.

A good alternative to kennels and catteries is keeping the animals in the comfort and sanctuary of their own home and getting at-home help including pet-sitting, pet walking, dog training and more. Homely Petz offer a full at-home service, and will give the pet owners an update on how the pets are keeping including photos and videos.

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