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Essential Apps for living in Dubai

Best Apps

There’s been a real digital surge in the UAE in the last five years, meaning there are now several stand out apps dedicated to the region.

Get active

Homegrown app Styck rewards you for exercise. It’ll set you daily or weekly fitness targets like the number of steps taken each day, and if you succeed you’ll unlock a prize, which range from high street coffees, paddle boarding sessions, discounted detoxes and more.

Get driven

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, Careem is a newly launched chauffer service which will make you think twice about taking regular cabs. Simply log in and it’ll register your location by GPS and send a car whenever you want it, allowing you to pay by cash or simply ride and go using your online credit card account. Click here to find out more about Careem!

Get your dry cleaning collected

If living a fast paced life means that laundry gets heaped into a corner and forgotten about, then you need Washmen in your life. Using their app, you schedule a good time for collection, with next day delivery and online credit card payment available.

Get pampered

Need a pedicure, blow dry and bikini wax ASAP, but haven’t got time to ring round your favourite salons? Let Beem-Me do the hard work. Simply tell it your preferred time slot and location, and it’ll find a match through its extensive database.

Get great discounts

Long a paperback favourite, The Entertainer app lets you use their discount vouchers for meals, drinks, travel packages and more. Plus, they’ll let you voucher swap with others, doubling the fun.

Get help with finding a home

Helping ease the stress and strain of buying and renting property in Dubai is Dubai Brokers. Created by the Dubai Land Department, it ranks the top agents by sales and rentals and provides their contact details.

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