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8 Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen In The UAE

These top tips from The Big Fitout will save you time and money on your kitchen renovation in Dubai.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it’s little wonder that UAE residents want their kitchens to be at their very best.

Indeed, according to mortgage and home finance experts in Dubai, the most popular home improvements for new homeowners are carried out in the kitchen. Some local banks even advise setting aside additional budget for kitchen improvements when saving up for a deposit on a new home.

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Either way, if you’re going to renovate your kitchen, it pays to do your research ahead of time. That’s why we’ve asked The Big Fitout, a Dubai-based, British, design-and-build fitout company, for its take on how to do kitchen renovations properly.

The Big Fitout specialises in kitchen and bathroom renovations, and has an amazing portfolio of work on residential villas – as you can see from these pictures. As a result, the team really know their stuff, so it’s worth taking their advice on board before jumping in at the deep end.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Hire a professional

You may be tempted to take the DIY route, but a professional will always do a better job. Ideally, you want a company that will understand the look and feel that you want from your kitchen, and then create a design that fits the brief. Opt for someone who’s willing to show you in-depth designs and 3D models before the renovation has even begun, and has demonstrated an ability to follow through on those designs with previous projects.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Have a plan and stick to it

This is where having a professional on board really pays dividends. If your designing and 3D modelling is done correctly, you’ll have the perfect blueprint for a brand-new kitchen. And you’ll know exactly how much the renovation will cost, what materials you’ll need, the sort of labour you’ll be using, and how long the whole thing will take. Deviating from the plan is how many projects turn sour, so it’s worth spending a little bit of extra time (and money if necessary) to get this part right.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Make the most of your space

This is kind of an obvious one – and something you’d hope your professional fitout firm would manage. But you’d be surprised at how many kitchens suffer from wasted space. Work out what you use in your kitchen, and how often, and plan the space around that. Perhaps you’re often cooking for four people or more, in which case you’ll need easy access to larger pots and utensils. Or maybe your kitchen is less about cooking, and more about relaxing, in which case you’ll need comfortable seating and plenty of surface space. Either way, it’s worth noting down how you use your kitchen from day to day and working out where improvements can be made.

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Kitchen renovation Dubai

What’s on the island?

The island is often a major feature in any kitchen remodel, but to really create a kitchen island you love, you’ll need to work out what you’ll most likely use it for. Will it be a place to eat quick meals, or will it be your main cooking station? If it’s both, you’ll need to ensure there’s enough space between the dining area of the island and the cooktop. Go over some options with your fitout company and work out what would suit your family best.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Do you need all of that storage?

It’s always great to have a lot of storage available, but if your kitchen features five cupboards that are pretty much empty, it’s clear you don’t need as much storage as you’ve got. Consider rearranging the storage to create free blocks of space that could be put to better use. Maybe you could trade a few empty cupboards for some much-needed surface space. Or, if the opposite is true, and your kitchen is overflowing, have some more cupboards put into the design of your new kitchen.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Materials matter

If you’ve always dreamt of a kitchen in which every surface is made of luxurious marble, you’ll probably be disappointed to hear that such a thing won’t come cheap. Thankfully, there are plenty of other amazing materials to work with that won’t break the bank. Set your budgets, and your fitout company will be able to come up with an amazing design for the price you want to pay.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Don’t scrimp on fitted appliances

We get it, fitted appliances are just cool. But they’re not so great when the fridge door won’t sit flush against the cupboard, or when the dishwasher goes and your maintenance man can’t access it. When it comes to fitted appliances, it pays to spend a little bit on both high-quality white goods and high-quality workmanship. That way you won’t see any of the usual drawbacks further down the line.

Kitchen renovation Dubai

Use light to make your small kitchen bigger

If your kitchen isn’t quite as big as you’d like it to be, you can still create an inviting and comfortable space out of it. In smaller spaces, you’ll want to use light colour schemes and materials, as darker colours tend to close the space off even further. Clever design paired with plenty of light will mean you’ll never want to leave your new kitchen. Cosy, rather than small, is what you want.

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