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ADIB - Ghina Salary Account ADIB - Ghina Salary Account Minimum Salary: AED 15,000 Currencies: AED Features: Phone Banking, Free Cheque Book, Islamic Banking, Free Credit/Debit Card, ATM Transfers, Internet banking
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Transfer your salary to ADIB and you can participate in the AED 3 million Ghina prize draw (and other prizes) by maintaining an average monthly balance of AED 20,000 with the ADIB Ghina Salary Account. 

Here’s how this works:  
  • ​ Open a Ghina Salary Account; transfer your salary (minimum AED 8,000) to ADIB.            
  • Maintain an average monthly balance of AED 20,000 to get your first Ghina draw entry.            
  • Get an extra Ghina draw entry every month for every AED 20,000 average monthly balance in your Ghina Salary Account.
  • If the monthly average balance of the Ghina Salary Account falls below AED 20,000, then the Account Holder will lose all the collected Ghina draw entries and Ghina welcome draw entry. A new Ghina salary draw entry calculation cycle will start accordingly.
  • The Account Holder should at least have four Ghina draw entries to enter the Ghina grand draw, (a maximum of 1,000 draw entries are allowed per account per draw).
  • All Ghina draw entries will expire immediately/ re-set to zero upon their participation in the Ghina grand draw .
Your benefits include: 
  • ​ Free ADIB Visa Electron Debit Card​​  to access your account and funds instantly ​​at any ATM or retail outlet. 
  • Expected monthly profits​ calculated on a monthly basis and credited to your account every month. 
  • ADIB Mobile Banking App! Bank anytime, anywhere with the ADIB Mobile Banking App - available for all iPhone and Android devices. 
  • Standing Instructions to manage your time by automatically making payments for regular transactions (such as bill payments, transfers, donations or installments) on your chosen dates. 
  • 24 Hour Banking Services​, in addition to our mobile app, you will always have e-ADIB Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and SMS Banking.​
  • Ghina Salary account (SPA) holder can also avail a Cheque book, (first Cheque book comes free while additional ones can be obtained by paying AED 25)  

 Salary transfer with ADIB Ghina is easy and rewarding 

  • ​​​Eligible to participate in Ghina grand prize of AED 3 million every 4 months.
  • Eligible to participate in the monthly draw of 10 lucky winners, win AED 10,000 every month!​​​​​​​​

How is this Shari'a compliant?​

This investment account is based on the Islamic principle of Mudaraba where you share profits and bear losses as stipulated in the Banking Service Agreement. ​​​​​​​

All prizes granted to the ADIB Ghina Winners shall be exclusively from ADIB’s shareholders funds at the sole discretion of ADIB.

Terms and conditions apply

Required Documents

  • Original passport.
  • Valid Emirates ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)​
  • A Salary certificate from your employer with minimum salary of AED 8,000
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