Minimum Deposit Required Annual Return Annual Fee Choice of Terms Features
 FlexiDeposits Account FlexiDeposits Account Minimum Deposit Required: AED 10,000 Annual Return: 2% Annual Fee: AED 0 Choice of Terms: - Features: Phone Banking, Multiple Currencies
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  • Minimum deposit of AED 10,000, or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Market-leading interest rates, depending on the amount duration and the currency of the deposit
  • Flexible terms with minimum tenor of 3 months
  • Available in AED, USD, GBP and EUR
  • Premature withdrawals permitted with unlimited withdrawal frequency
  • Partial withdrawals can be made in units of AED 1.00 and multiples thereon - giving you the convenience of withdrawing only the required amount while keeping the rest of the funds intact

Mudaraba General Investment
Min Deposit
AED 10,000
Annual Return
NoorBank Wakala Deposit
Min Deposit
AED 25,000
Annual Return
Union National Bank - Call Account
Min Deposit
AED 15,000
Annual Return
FGB - Call Account
Min Deposit
AED 3,000
Annual Return