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Minimum Deposit Required Annual Return Annual Fee Choice of Terms Features
 FlexiDeposits Account FlexiDeposits Account Minimum Deposit Required: AED 10,000 Annual Return: 2% Annual Fee: AED 0 Choice of Terms: - Features: Phone Banking, Multiple Currencies
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  • Minimum deposit of AED 10,000, or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Market-leading interest rates, depending on the amount duration and the currency of the deposit
  • Flexible terms with minimum tenor of 3 months
  • Available in AED, USD, GBP and EUR
  • Premature withdrawals permitted with unlimited withdrawal frequency
  • Partial withdrawals can be made in units of AED 1.00 and multiples thereon - giving you the convenience of withdrawing only the required amount while keeping the rest of the funds intact

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  • Minimum balance requirement of AED 250,000 in Current, Savings Account or Fixed Deposits to qualify
  • Every increase of AED 50,000 in Current or Savings Account or AED 100,000 in Smart S@ver or Fixed Deposit gets one entry
NoorBank Wakala Deposit
Min Deposit
AED 25,000
Annual Return
Mudaraba General Investment
Min Deposit
AED 10,000
Annual Return
Union National Bank - Call Account
Min Deposit
AED 15,000
Annual Return
FGB - Call Account
Min Deposit
AED 3,000
Annual Return