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ADCB - Term Life Insurance ADCB - Term Life Insurance Features: Defined Term Insurance, No Salary Transfer
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Life Insurance:

Life is unpredictable and while we all hope to live a long and healthy life, planning and providing for your family after your death will ensure that they are financially sustainable whatever happens, becomes permanently Totally disabled or is diagnosed with a critical illness . Life insurance is an insurance policy that will pay out an amount of money if the insured person dies.

If your income stops due to death, disability or critical illness, who will pay:
  • Your mortgage?
  • Your children’s education?
  • You or your family’s bills of day to day expenses?
These are all questions that can be answered by proper planning through holding a life insurance policy

Term Life Insurance:

Term Life insurance is an insurance cover for a defined term. the amount needed to cover your expenses is calculated, where you make regular premium payments (cost of insurance) in return for the life cover (sum insured). You are protected for as long as your premiums are paid. In the event of the person insured dying during the policy term and while the premiums are being paid, nominated beneficiaries will receive the sum insured. Where the Insured person survives the policy term, the premium payments will cease and the policy expires.

This type of insurance offers high cover values at very affordable cost.

If you are an existing ADCB customer, you can apply for this product in just few clicks through ADCB Personal Internet Banking


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