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What’s a no claims certificate?

Being a safe driver pays! If you have a few years’ worth of no claims bonus built up, it can make a big difference to the amount of money you pay for your policy. But what exactly is a no claims bonus? Find out here…

What's a no claims bonus?

If you don’t make any claims throughout the term of your insurance policy, you’ll be awarded a no claims bonus (NCB). This NCB then can be provided to an insurer to earn you a discount on your policy. The discount increases for every year you don’t make a claim. See, we told you being a safe driver pays!

How can I find out how much no claims bonus I have?

Your NCB will be listed on your most recent insurance renewal notice, alternatively you can ask your current insurer.

How much discount do I get?

The discount varies from insurer to insurer. One year’s worth of no claims could get you a discount of up to 7% off next year’s premium, while being super good and getting four of five years’ worth of continuous no claims under your belt could see you get a discount of up to 20%.

Can I apply my no claims bonus to a second car?

Yes, you can. You can use your NCD for the policy of a second car and receive the same discount.

Can I lose my no claims bonus?

Yes. Making a claim for an accident or incident which was your fault will affect your no claims bonus. However, making a claim may not mean that your NCB goes straight back to zero, it might just be reduced.

Can I protect my no claims bonus?

Some insurers offer the option to protect your discount in the case of incidents such as fire or theft. It costs more to protect your bonus, but you may be allowed to make one or two claims a year without your bonus being affected. The terms differ from insurer to insurer.

If I change insurers can I keep my NCB?

Yes, you can take your NCB with you if you move to a different insurance company. You can also move it to another car if you buy a new one.