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Get your property Airbnb ready with these simple steps

by Moiz Syed Ali on March 8, 2022
Get your property Airbnb ready with these simple steps

Hosting with Airbnb is an excellent way to earn a few extra bucks. There is also the perk of getting to meet interesting people, learn about new cultures, and listen to new and exciting stories, all from the comfort of your own home. However, like all professional networks, Airbnb expects a level of commitment and discipline from their hosts. Airbnb properties come, compete with established hotels and guest houses. To steal customer attention, they must be unique, hospitable, and exceptionally well-maintained.

Cleanliness is essential

Nobody likes to walk into a dirt-ridden, unhygienic home; even less so during holidays. Keep your place spotless, and you will invite trust from your guests. Clean every room that the guests have access to. Ensure a spotless bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen especially. There should not be any mold or dust, not even a hair.  Maintaining these standards is essential. Between each guest, you have to ensure that linens, towels, and other utensils that have bodily contact are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Safety is key

Homes that have sharp edges or unsafe wiring are not going to win over any guests. Moreover, they are a ticking time-bomb for the host and a potential lawsuit for Airbnb.

Walk around the property and make sure there are no potential hazards. Store knives and other sharp utensils with covers so that guests don’t accidentally cut themselves. Ensure all electrical wiring is well insulated and safe in general. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers can save lives.

Hot Tip – Have your phone number engraved on the key chain, instead of the property address. This way, guests can contact you straight away in case of emergencies.

Looks sell

Presentation is everything. If the photos do not match the real-life view, guests will be disappointed. And if the photos aren’t breathtaking, you will not have guests, to begin with.

Clean well before taking pictures. Ensure there is enough daylight in at least some shots. Any artificial lighting used must compliment your decor.

Small things go a long way. Matching the drapes to the bed-sheets, the pillows to the wall hanging elevates the styling of your property automatically.

Hot Tip – Travellers today like to take pictures of their stay. Ensure a few photogenic corners – whether it’s by the windows or just a quaint little corner within your property, dressed up as a classy photo booth – guests will love the personal touch.

Ensure the drapes match the carpet

Guests do not choose a property based on looks alone. They match listed amenities with their requirements. By ensuring accurate listing, you can earn brownie points with your guests.

To begin with, your property must have basic amenities such as toiletries, bedding, and uninterrupted power and water supply. Accurate location details, details about the equipment available in the kitchen and the bathroom, number and type of beds in the property, etc. help guests choose the right fit for them.

Be a super host

Always be available for your guests. Ensure you take queries in case someone has a question before or after making a booking. During their stay, be available as a local guide or as a troubleshooter for your guest. Politeness and amicable attitude go a long way in ensuring good reviews.


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