Your guide to banking in the UAE

The UAE is one of the largest financial hubs in the world. As such the banks in the UAE are eager to embrace new investments or developments. The ease of banking in the UAE coupled with the country's low tax is what attracts many to bank here.

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An Overview of Banking in the UAE

The UAE is widely known as one of the greatest financial hubs in the world, partly due to its low interest rates which attract many ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) to reside and invest there. Each of the seven emirates in the UAE use the UAE dirham (AED) as the formal currency. This can be commonly referred to as Dh or Dhs too, so watch out for this. The exchange rate of the UAE dirham is roughly AED 1=US$0.27229408 approximately.

Getting Started

Setting up your first bank account in the UAE is easy. You can choose to set up your account over the counter at your preferred branch, or even apply online. Almost every bank in the UAE will now offer internet or phone banking. If you're unsure which bank to choose, you can compare current accounts with yallacompare here.

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March 2022
We rebranded & introduced new core values
November 2021
We launched our pet insurance product
August 2019
We set up our office in Egypt in 2019 & raised 4.25 million with KIPCO/GIG in 2020
February 2016
We launched the UAE’s first ever car insurance comparison portal.
April 2014
Signed first round of investment with angel investors.
August 2011
Official launch date of yallacompare in the UAE.
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How we can help!

Yallacompare is the leading financial comparison site in the UAE. Allowing you to search and compare from the widest range of financial products. We work alongside the UAE’s leading banks and financial institutions to ensure we have the most accurate, up to date product information and access to promotions not otherwise available.

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Banking Services

Personal Loans

Personal loans are borrowed money from the bank, typically used to make large purchases. Loans are then repaid to the bank in monthly installments over a set period of time with interest. If you're looking to take out a personal loan, you can compare rates right here.


Buying a new home? Or maybe you're interested in refinancing an existing home loan? No matter the case, finding the right mortgage in the UAE can be tough! With numerous options to choose from, how can you be sure you've chosen the right one? If you're looking to compare mortgage providers, you can do so right here. If you're unsure as to what kind of a mortgage you could apply for why not check out our mortgage calculator here!

Credit Cards

Credit cards in the UAE come with a wide range of benefits from free airmiles, two-for-one on entertainment, lifestyle, and shopping. You can choose the card with the right privileges for you as most  banks provide cards specific to the customer's needs and expenses. Some cards offer rewards and cashback, while others provide free airport lounge access and travel benefits. Find the right credit card for you here!