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RAKBANK - Rak Finance Loan
Flat Rate
Reducing Rate
AED 300,000
Minimum Revenue

We match your details with the most trusted banks in the Middle East to find the perfect product for your needs.
*Calculations are based on flat rates
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Compare Business Loans
Provider Minimum Revenue Flat Rate Reducing Rate
Mashreq Small Business Loan Mashreq Small Business Loan Minimum Revenue: AED 1,500,000 Flat Rate: 11.11% Reducing Rate: 20.0% Compare
Gulf Finance Small Business Loans Gulf Finance Small Business Loans Minimum Revenue: AED 2,500,000 Flat Rate: 11.03% Reducing Rate: 20.0% Compare
Mashreq SME Business Finance Mashreq SME Business Finance Minimum Revenue: AED 1,500,000 Flat Rate: 10.56% Reducing Rate: 19.0% Compare
RAKBANK - Amal Business Finance RAKBANK - Amal Business Finance
Minimum Revenue: AED 250,000 Flat Rate: 14.44% Reducing Rate: 26.0% Compare
Emirates Islamic - Business Finance Emirates Islamic - Business Finance Minimum Revenue: AED 150,000 Flat Rate: 8.0% Reducing Rate: 14.51% Compare
Emirates Money Loan Against POS Emirates Money Loan Against POS Minimum Revenue: AED 300,000 Flat Rate: 7.72% Reducing Rate: 14.0% Compare
RAKBANK - Point of Sales Finance RAKBANK - Point of Sales Finance Minimum Revenue: AED 300,000 Flat Rate: 0% Reducing Rate: 0% Compare
Emirates Money Personal Loan Emirates Money Personal Loan Minimum Revenue: AED 600,000 Flat Rate: 10.0% Reducing Rate: 18.0% Compare
Aseel Business Finance Aseel Business Finance Minimum Revenue: AED 900,000 Flat Rate: 11.58% Reducing Rate: 21.0% Compare
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Got a question?
  • Eligibility - First of all, you should identify which loan products and providers you are eligible for application to. Some banks may require you to have been in business for a certain length of time or have a minimum annual revenue
  • Amount required – Consider how much you want to borrow and then compare those banks whose maximum loan amounts exceed this
  • Process – consider how quickly the application process takes? How quickly do you need the loan?
  • Interest rates – do flat or reducing interest rates apply? See below for details of how these differ
  • Fees – consider all fees applicable such as arrangement fees and early settlement fees
  • Flexibility – What if you wish to extend the loan? What if you require flexibility in the repayment schedule?
  • Customer service - Will you have a dedicated relationship or account manager to service all your business needs?
Not always but often it makes more sense and may mean you are eligible for better benefits and more attractive interest rates.
Compare, compare, compare! Use our smart comparison tools to choose the best business loan for you.
Financing your business falls into two key categories: debt and equity. Debt includes all types of loans whereas equity involves shares and the transfer of some ownership. By financing your company with a loan, you avoid relinquishing any control of your business.
In most cases, yes – provided that you have a history of reliable repayments on the existing loan. Again, this will depend on the loan product and provider.
There are any number of reasons why a business may need to take out a loan including to start a company, to purchase inventory, to expand a business, to ease cash-flow management, for import and export shipping, mergers and acquisitions or to strengthen the company financials.
The following types of business are normally eligible to apply for a loan:
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Free Zone Companies
  • Branches/Subsidiaries of Offshore Entities
If you wish to extend your business loan, contact your loan provider. They may be happy to extend your current loan or you may be able to refinance which means you buy out your loan by another bank.
This entirely depends on the loan product and provider you choose as well as your specific situation.