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How does pet insurance work in the UAE?

Pet Insurance doesn't have to be complicated

We understand that your pet is part of the family. If something happens to them it can be really stressful; especially when they manage to turn that ten-dirham toy into a two-thousand-dirham vet bill!

With our new Pet Insurance product, you will enjoy protection from having to pay huge bills from little mishaps - including vet’s fees and third-party liability.

It offers direct billing at 10 vet clinics across the UAE, and if you have your own preferred vet, no problem – simply pay the bill and get reimbursed later.

Choose from three different packages – Bronze, Silver or Gold, which all come with different limits and levels of cover to suit your needs. We’ve made it really easy and simple to choose the right plan for you (and your furry friend) so you can buy online with full peace of mind. 

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Simple Pet Insurance

Bronze | Silver | Gold
Vet's Fees limit (AED)
10,000 | 20,000 | 30,000
Third Party Liability limit (AED)
0 | 20,000 | 20,000
Advertising and Rewards limit (AED)
0 | 750 | 750
Euthanasia limit (AED)
0 | 750 | 750
Preventative Treatment (AED)
0 | 0 | 400
Reimbursement Basis
80% | 80% | 80%

I confirm that:

  • I have read the Terms and conditions document.
  • My pet is in good health and his/her main home is in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Myself and my family will at all times provide my pet with appropriate care and attention.
  • I will arrange and pay for my pet to have a yearly dental examination and any treatment normally recommended by a vet to prevent illness or injury.
  • My pet has had the vaccinations mentioned in the Terms and Conditions document and the FAQ section I will always give true and complete information about my pet, including all the information that I have provided with my application and in respect of any further information required enabling the Insurer to assess any claim.
  • Any other person entitled to claim all or part of the benefit of this policy must also observe these Terms and Conditions.
  • My pet has a microchip
  • I agree that any Veterinarian has my permission to release any information the Insurer may ask about my pet. If the Veterinarian charges for this, I will be responsible for the cost.
  • Failure to comply with the above may lead to my policy being cancelled with no refund due.

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