Debt Ratio Calculator

Do you have too much debt compared to your income?

Your debt-to-income ratio is an extremely important number. Alongside your credit score, it will go a long way to determining if you can borrow money or obtain credit. Put simply, it's all of your essential outgoings compared to your overall income.

A lender or credit provider will look at this ratio when making a decision on lending money or providing credit. A low percentage ratio is more attractive for lenders, whereas anything over 50% will mean that you are unable to obtain any further credit. Typically you'll want to keep it around the 30% mark.

Use our handy calculator to add up all of your monthly outgoings including your mortgage/rent and any other loans, credit card payments as well as any other recurring outgoings and we'll calculate your debt ratio against your monthly income!

Debt Ratio Calculator
Sources of Income

Monthly Debt Payments


*Values over 40% indicate you might have difficulty making payments on any additional debt or loans.
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Calculator Definitions
Monthly Income After Taxes (AED / Month): This is your monthly household income after taxes. This monthly figure would include income from all sources, including the income from a spouse or partner.
Other Monthly Income (AED / Month): If you have any other reliable source of monthly income, then list it here. Keep in mind this value needs to be stated on an after-tax basis.
Monthly Debt Payments:: In this next section of the calculator, you are going to enter all of your monthly debt payments, including installment loans and personal loans.
Mortgage Payment (AED / Month): This is the monthly mortgage payment you make each month, including the payment of any property taxes.
Monthly Rent (AED / Month): If you don't own a home and you are paying rent each month, then enter that amount here.
Car Loans / Lease Payments (AED / Month): This is the total of all the car loans or car lease payments you make each month.
Personal Loans (AED / Month): If you have any personal loans, then enter your monthly payment on those loans here.
Credit Cards Minimums (AED / Month): If you are making minimum payments on a credit card, then enter that amount here because this type of arrangement is similar to a loan. If you're paying off the balance on your credit card each month, then you would not enter that amount here.
Student Loans (AED / Month): Enter your monthly student loan payments, if any, in this section of the calculator.
Other Debt (AED / Month): If you're making any other payment on debt that has not been previously discussed, then enter that amount here.
Total Monthly Income (AED / Month): This is the total of all your existing sources of monthly income. This is the money you earn each month that can be used to pay off your debt.
Total Monthly Debt Payments (AED / Month): This value is the total of all the monthly payments you entered for existing loans.
Debt Ratio: This is your current debt ratio, which is the total of your monthly debt payments divided by your monthly income. Values over 40% indicate you might have difficulty making payments on any additional debt or loans.